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Horse handler teaches respect technique

Lacome Globe, July 7, 2003
By Lyle Aspinall, Globe Editor

Horse handling Lacome CanadaA renowned horse handler was in the area recently, and he passed on some valuable skills to a few eager equine lovers.

Franklin Levinson made a one-day stop at Bill and Susan Zens' ranch north of Lacombe on Canada Day, after recently holding a three-day indoor clinic instony Plain.

Susan Zens, who is a horse riding instructor, had about half a dozen of her students on hand.

They brought their horses and handed them over to Levinson, each telling him some of the undesirable idiosyncracies their animal had.

He spent up to 90 minutes with each one, and through knowledge and respect, he found a way past each of the problems the horses were said to have.

He said his mission was "to enhance and help the horse/human relation–ship through trust, kindness, respect, compassion and great leadership."

Levinson said his role is to teach people to. communicate, connect and bond with horses.

"And when they do that they're able to have a better experience with their horse," he smiled, comparing the relationship between a horse and its owner to a ballroom dance, where the human has to take the lead role.

Levinson has a ranch on the Hawaiian island of Maui, and also works at a ranch near Aspen, Colo. He'll likely be back in Central Alberta next April, and he invited people to contact mm if they're interested in finding out more.